Achilles VS Hector HD 720p04:32

Achilles VS Hector HD 720p

Achilles is  a Greek  and the protaganist of the  Iliad.

Born a demigod, Achilles  the Trojan War  on the side of the Aecheans.

due to him being dunked in the River Stx, his body  was invunerable, execpt for one of his heels.

He later had a fall  out with Agemenon,  the  two  were later reconcilled by Odssyeus,  during the course of the war he did battle with the Trojan prince Hector, killing him.  After his battle with Hector, his  Paris shot him with a poisoned arrow , killing him. 

His name inspired terms and phrases as Achilles's heel and Achilles tendon.

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